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VA Community Care Network

US Veterans can access VA health care benefit through Optum or TriWest's network of community-based, non-VA medical professionals. These benefits include coverage for acupuncture treatments through the VA Community Care Network. Veterans are able to receive acupuncture treatments at No additional cost and without any co-pay or co-insurance.

The VA has implemented various new programs to help support veterans who suffer from chronic pain and other conditions. Through the Veterans Community Care Network, all veterans are eligible for authorizations for acupuncture treatments. Community Care Providers can be found here. We also recommend contacting the regional office for more information.

s Community Care Network (CCN)





How To Start:

The Veterans Community Care Network is a referral network outside of the VA. Veterans should request a referral from their primary VA doctor for acupuncture treatment. The VA doctor will review your condition and needs to assess your eligibility for the VA CCN referral. You may place a request to see a specific acupuncturist and provide your doctor with the following contact information. A common referral includes chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, or gastrointestinal issues.


Be sure to ask your VA provider for a specific referral to Derek Marrongelle when getting authorization for acupuncture treatments under the program. We do not recommend calling the Veterans Choice Hotline to get an authorization. Meeting directly with your VA Provider is more successful.


Veterans – You will need a referral or authorization from your VA doctor in order to receive treatment at No cost. 

Once your doctor approves the referral or authorization an appointment will be scheduled through Optum or TriWest Healthcare Alliance or the VA. Veteran's may also schedule an appointment and inform Optum, Triwest, or the VA of the appointment details.


VA CCN Eligibility:

VA will work with the Veteran to determine eligibility based on your specific condition and circumstances. No patients will be denied the ability to access this care. You can also check if you’re eligible by visiting VA Benefits and Health Care website.

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