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Balancing Point Acupuncture offers the following treatment methods:

Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Complete System for Health that is customized to Your Needs & Goals

Acupuncture: A Personalized Treatment Plan that meets your needs and sensitivity, using needles or laser technique


  • 8 Principle Acupuncture

  • 5-Element System

  • Auricular Acupuncture

  • Master Tung Acupuncture System

  • Matt Callison Sports Medicine and Motor Point System

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Herbal Patent and Granulated Pharmacy

TCM Nutrition: Counseling and Supplementation


Traditional Chinese Medicine

A Medical System Based on Balance

Balancing Point Acupuncture is honored to provide the East Valley area with the oldest organized system of medicine still in use today, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The most widely known form of treatment is Acupuncture, which is used in combination with the oldest form, Chinese Herbs. This combination works synergistically with the body’s energy and healing mechanisms to facilitate health. TCM not only relieves symptoms, it restores the body to balance. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, achieving balance is key to prevention of all disease. Our goal is to introduce you to wellness system that has been proven to work for many centuries.


TCM Systems of Treatment

Because it has been improved and modified over the centuries, there are many forms of this ancient system that can be used for diagnosis and treatment. At Balancing Point Acupuncture we use traditional Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture techniques, 5-element acupuncture, Chinese massage-therapy (Tui Na), Moxabustion, Cupping and Gua Sha, Chinese Herbs, Oriental Nutrition and Qi-Gong Exercise to restore and maintain health. We also use modern advancements with TCM, such as electro-stimulation, auricular acupuncture, scalp acupuncture and lifestyle counseling to achieve the goal of health.


Treating the Individual

What truly sets the Oriental wellness system apart is the importance of customized, individualized treatment plans that target the root problem, therefore bringing longer lasting results. Linda strives to give you ample one-on-one time to see that your individual needs are met and that all your questions are answered.


TCM’s Place in Our Modern World

Traditional Chinese Medicine is more than an alternative medicine for disease prevention. We hope to introduce you to another choice in reaching the balance of health. But we do not replace western medicine and you are always encouraged to seek western medical treatment when needed. Balancing Point Acupuncture always strives to work with, enhance and complement Western Medicine. Linda’s background in the western medical sciences gives her a great appreciation and respect for modern medicine. Our goal is to work with your primary care doctor by adding supportive TCM therapies to strengthen healing effects. We believe that the combination of conventional and alternative healing techniques can work in cooperation with each other for the greater benefit of the patient. After all, The Point is Health... Your Health!

Balancing Point Acupuncture specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, neck, back and shoulder pain, stress-related problems, insomnia, anxiety, and women’s health issues.



Acupuncture is a respected health care system around the world and probably the oldest continually practiced form of medicine in existence. The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges the proven effectiveness of acupuncture to treat many common problems and illnesses.

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) picture of Health

Qi (Chee) is the vital energy in all living things that gives us the ability to carry out our everyday activities. Our health is measured by the balance and free flow of Qi throughout our body in energy streams called Channels or Meridians. When Qi is balanced, the body has the natural ability to fight off illness and remain stable and healthy. The stresses of our modern lifestyle create imbalances that can lead to blockage and disruption in the flow of Qi in the channels, which leads to pain and disease.

Pain in TCM

In Chinese medicine, pain frequently stems from an imbalance or stagnation in movement of Qi and Blood in one or more areas of the body. In a healthy person, Qi and Blood move freely throughout the Channels of the body. Think of Channels as river-ways where Qi flows like water. Trauma is an impediment to the flow, like a dam, where a backup of water (Qi) upstream causes an excess condition and a deficiency downstream. By freeing the stagnation of Qi and Blood, the dam is broken and pain relieved.

Acupuncture Methods of Treatment

Acupuncture has many forms but all are based on the premise that stimulating energy points on the effected Channels aids in restoring the body to balance by freeing the blockage of Qi. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture, 5-Element Acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture, and Scalp Acupuncture are all treatments methods used at Balancing Point Acupuncture. Each method has its strong points and uses in the prevention and treatment of pain, illness and disease. All methods are used to focus on the symptoms and the root condition to relieve pain and improve constitutional balance and wellness.

Finding the Root Cause

Although many may suffer from similar symptoms, a thorough intake and assessment will differentiate the root problem or cause. Each acupuncture treatment is customized to treat the individual’s root disharmonies. TCM is based on bringing balance and health to the whole person and not a way of just masking or alleviating symptoms. Even chronic problems can be greatly alleviated or even totally resolved with consistent treatment. Most importantly, this is a wellness system intended to eliminate the need for indefinite treatment, by promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle changes to prevent re-occurrence of constitutional imbalances.



Chinese herbal medicine is possibly the oldest form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and encompasses the majority of TCM practiced in China today. Linda had first-hand experience with the use of Chinese herbs at the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in the departments of Dermatology, Gynecology, Oncology, Cardiology and Internal Medicine. As prescribed by our Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Chinese herbs are proven safe and effective, backed by thousands of years of use as well as extensive modern research.


Chinese Herbs for a Modern World

Herbs are nature’s gift of health. Most modern drugs are based on herbal constituents, but are synthetically manufactured in a lab. Herbs function primarily as a complex blend of constituents that synergistically interact with the human body. The result is a natural, more hospitable approach to balancing the energy of the body. This means less side effects and risk to you.


Only the Best

At Balancing Point Acupuncture we use only the finest quality herbal extracts. Custom extracts, using herbal granules may be recommended. These are made into a tea by mixing with warm water. Patent herbal formulas may be prescribed using a pill form, which is very convenient and effective. Chinese herbs are used synergistically with Acupuncture to treat imbalances. The combination can improve the effectiveness of the treatment and bring faster, more lasting results.

Herbal Medicine

TCM Nutrition

We encourage all of our patients to eat a whole foods diet, organic and natural, without hormonal manipulation. Everyone can benefit from avoiding the consumption of white sugar and white flour products; greasy, fried foods and products with synthetic additives.


Just like all of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM Nutrition is based on what YOU need to feel your best. Since each of us has a different constitution, our needs may vary. (Example: Yin Deficient persons may feel dry and over-heated and need more cooling and moistening foods. Someone with Yang Deficiency may need warm, cooked foods, because they are cold and depleted) A thorough evaluation of what you need, as a complex and unique individual, is part of your initial assessment.


Our relationship with food has so much to do with how well we manage stress, express our emotions and maintain our core beliefs. In our fast-paced culture, we have many stressors that affect what, when and how we choose to eat. But, few people realize that our food and drink cravings and preferences say a lot about what is really out of balance with our body, mind and spirit. At Balancing Point Acupuncture, our goal is help you to gain a deeper level of understanding, so that you can make lasting, positive nutritional choices, possibly for the first time ever.

TCM Nutrition
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